The Rebel in
all of us

A New Start

Founded in 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Rebel has grown to 60 locations since the beginning and has now made its way into Southern California. In line with our rebellious spirit and commitment to excellence, we didn’t set out to create just another convenience store. We wanted to be community-centered, value-oriented, and most importantly, steadfast in serving our customers just as they are, no more, no less. 


Your Store Your Way

We pride ourselves in being the new-age “one stop shop,” a place where you can get cold brew on tap for your morning commutes, fresh-made pizza and tacos for lunch, and craft beers to go for your Friday night drinks. Serving you during the best of times and the worst of times, whether that’s at home, in store, or on the go, Rebel is the quintessential vanguard of having “Your Store, Your Way.” 

Serving with Rebel Hearts

Our team is intent on delivering only the best for you. That’s why we’re not only devoted to carrying products that everybody knows and loves, but also ones that cater especially to those who’ve been neglected in the past. As we expand to more locations, we strive to maintain our devotion to convenience, quality, and value. These are things we champion for both our customers and employees. We take pride in knowing this every day. 

Image by Daniel Mingook Kim
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